May 1, 2013

Quick Dry Nails//Pinterest Style

Okay, so I am a mom to a very busy eight month old boy who has just realized that he can crawl anywhere and pull himself up, so doing my nails is nearly impossible. I have had many FAILED attempts at painting my nails; as soon as I finish painting them I remember the laundry I need to do, the diaper that needs to be changed or the best yet Izzy waking up as soon as I finish!

When I saw that PAM Cooking Spray dries your nails instantly of course I was a skeptic, like I usually am with the majority of things I come across on Pinterest but I decided it wouldn't hurt to try it, I mean I would only have smudges like I usually have every day!

I got all my supplies ready because PAM is very oily

{Pictured Julep "Carly" in blue sparkle and Julep "Stefani"}

Once my nails were painted (they were still wet) I sprayed the PAM all over the them, because I was a skeptic I sprayed each nail a good 3 times which I'm sure was overkill.

Once I sprayed them all (I let the PAM "set" on my nails for a minute) I washed my hands with soap and warm water and wiped them dry when I realized my glitter finger was NOT dry. I wasn't too shocked because glitter nail polish takes ions to dry, so I just did another full application and this time they were completely dry!

{Excuse my horrible cuticles, I need a babysitter and the nail salon ASAP}

I have to say I am still amazed this worked and my nails are smudge free and they look half decent and not that my son actually did them! I think I may have found a new obsession!

Have you found any Pinterest gems?

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April 18, 2013

Being a mom

Can’t believe that Izzy is 7 months old, when people told me that time goes by when you have a child I really never understood that and here I am 7 months later and mom to the best little man I could think of. I found myself looking over the past couple of months, evaluating where I was and where I am now, in this time of “me” I found myself happy, a happiness that I have never experienced, one that I dreamed of, you know the one you see on television that seems untouchable.

I think so often in this journey of mommy hood we focus so much on our children and forget about us, our dreams, out desires, our goals; which I am completely guilty of. I told myself that I never want to just “be a mom”, I never want being a mom and the role of a mother to be my only existence and my complete identity. Hear me out, I absolutely love being a mom, I believe I was created and molded into the person and woman I am today so that I could raise a strong man of God, a man who will one day understand God’s love and goodness, a man who will love his wife and children, one who will stand on God’s word and be a prayer warrior; at the same time I was created to be more than just a mom.

I have seen so many woman who their life is their children and that's all they have to life for, their existence on this earth and happiness is solely based upon their children but even in the few months that I have been a mother I can see how. It is so easy to become lost in your children, all you do is for them, you want nothing but the best for them, you want to show them the world, teach them love and patience, acceptance, you spend all your time caring for and nurturing them, they depend on you, for a length of time you are their source of food and life, you are their existence.

My heart’s desire in life is to be the person God has called me to be in all areas of my life. To be a help mate for my husband and allow him to guide our home and be the spiritual leader he is and to be a mother to my children that show’s God’s agape love and one they can count on and always know will be there.

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April 17, 2013

It's Official!

 After what seemed like 2 years of paperwork, stress and living life on the edge not knowing what will happen next I can officially say that we are homeowners! The process was one that I will never forget and can do without completely BUT the end result is so worth it, one I plan to blog about in the coming days.. Being able to wake up in my own room and seeing all the space Izzy has brings me complete joy. Now that I actually have my life back, a little, getting back to the swing of life and blogging is on the top of my list.

Thank you for all the well wishes and checking up on me, I am still alive, just swimming in a sea of boxes!

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March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap!

After being M.I.A. for 3 weeks now, as soon as I start to write this post, of course my little man starts to stir from his morning nap, just my luck! I absolutely LOVE the weekends, even when I was a child weekends were always family time, no one had to work and we would sit around watching movies and enjoying each other that I have my own family nothing has changed, the weekends are our time and I look forward to them!

Other than cuddling with my baby boy...

 I went on my very first blate (I almost did a "#blate", clearly my mind is in twitter world) and it was fabulous. A little back story, I met Stevie @ through the Cara Box exchange that Wifessionals host every month. That particular month we were paired with other girls who lived in our state, Stevie and I got to know it other well in such a short period of time that I knew I HAD to meet her, all to say we ended up at Starbucks sharing stories, laughing and Izzy sending lots of baby drool and kisses her way!

 Went to the house to take window measurements & look over some repairs, only to find out...we have GRASS! 2 more weeks I tell myself...hopefully, did I mention packing with a 6 month old is extremely difficult?

I got 3 pairs of shoes for $13 at Sears of all places!!!! Nope, no typo there, I don't know if I'm more excited that I got 3 PAIR or the fact they were only $13! 

So, I may have ordered TONS of Scentsy smells, I think this was the highlight of my weekend, it was only appropriate with the move!
...made tons of baby food for the month...carrots, apple sauce and more bananas.
...caught up on all my "I'm ashamed I watch this" t.v. shows (Housewives of ATL, Teen Mom, Bad Girls Club)
...watched MTV retro and the old Real Worlds, did anyone else catch THOSE?
...went to a baby shower with Izzy, bad idea!!!!
...imagined myself cleaning the house

 What did you do this weekend?

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March 8, 2013

Protect your heart.

I was getting myself and little man ready for the day when this statement came to me, "Protect your heart", I remember opening my blog and putting the title in a post so I wouldn't forget to write it for another time...again today, I was reminded of it.

Protect your heart.

There are many ways one can go with this saying, to protect your heart from "love" but when this came to me, it was specifically speaking of protecting your heart from ALL things that can cause it to become hardened; things that can cause you to not be the person you really are.

Many of us have had our share of hiccups in life, some that have knocked us off our feet whether it be someone we thought was the love of our life that didn't work out, a best friend who we felt betrayed by, a dream that never seemed to come true, the list can go on and on. How do you come back from this, how can you continue to live life as before when at the present moment it seems everything is wrong...

Growing up I had a father, a man who stepped up, someone who I knew would love me and be there for me, even though we were not "blood related". My biological father left when I was first born, his name is on my Birth Certificate but I don't know him, I don't have memories of spending time with him playing and laughing, I've never gotten a birthday card from him, I've never seen him...I'll never know if I'm more like him or my mom.

Growing up I had to deal with a lot of things and emotions because of this, in my young mind I felt abandoned, that he just didn't want ME...I mean, he had other children and was active in their lives; seeing them graduate, going to their school events, making memories with them; I couldn't comprehend his actions or how anyone could just up and leave, especially once I had my son, the instant love I had for him was overwhelming, I wanted nothing but to be by his side and give him the best.

Many have told me, "you had a dad growing up", yes, I did...but I was young and nothing could change the way I felt, I was hurt, my heart was broken. I became hardened to everyone and everything, I put a wall up that was impossible to break down until I wanted to, I didn't trust anyone, I believed everyone would eventually leave, I questioned love, I only depended on world was falling to shambles and I didn't even realize it

It took me a while to realize what was happening in my life, I became a person that even I wouldn't want to be friends with, I wasn't me, I wasn't happy...I let circumstances, situations, the past get to me and my heart was calloused, I didn't even recognize the person I became.

It took years and prayers for me to see life for what it is and to learn to trust, but here I am. Through it all I learned that I am stronger than I thought and found things about myself I never knew existed, things about me I love. I learned to protect my heart, to forgive and let go.
"Everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end". 
Paolo Coelho

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March 6, 2013

Happy 6 months!

So, we are only a few days later for this post but between moving/packing with an infant, doctor visits and school full-time I forgot to eat some days, I blame it on mommy brain, don't worry though I have been doing puzzles to keep my mind stimulated, no seriously its gotten a little bad!

So, I have been debating how I wanted to do these monthly check ups, if I wanted it to be of a story to my son or a survey but I'm thinking I'm all for the list and pictures.

Happy 6 months to my littlest heart!

I really don't know where to began or even how to fully express myself without coming off as a complete "mom" but I am in LOVE, true love!

What has Izzy been up to? 
 ...still wearing Size 3 diapers, thank goodness BUT with the amount of blowouts we have had lately I think it may be time to go up a size.
..Sleep? Who needs sleep when your mom is a superwoman...seriously though his sleep has been consistent pretty much since birth, even when he is "sick" he is still up every 2-3 hours, I think my body has gotten use to BUT we are starting sleep training, so hopefully things will change.

...I refer to Izzy as a little "big boy"...he is VERY tall {29 1/4 inches} but rather on the small size, 18 the clothing gets a little difficult, length wise he can wear anything 9/12 months but he doesn't quite fill it out!

...He is also sitting up unsupported, he can only do this for a few minutes on time BUT when he feels his head wobbling or bobbing he puts his arms out a try to balance himself, I am impressed everytime he does it!

...He is LOUD, whenever he talks he has to be heard, reminds me of myself, I guess...he wakes up yelling and goes to sleep talking, we can't help but to laugh at him, it's like he's having conversations with himself with hand motion and all. 

...LOVES his cereal and baby food...especially bananas and he eats his veggies like it's candy, it's gotten to the point where cereal time is just MESSY, we both end up covered in food but he loves it, hopefully I can start making his own food....any tips moms?

...Size 3 shoes, yes three! Shoes seem to give him an ego, I promise Izzy acts like a big boy when I put those shoes on his feet, he wants to stand ALL the time, have I told you about my new found love of the jumperoo...they are amazing but amazingly expensive.  

...My son is a flirt and I just can't even begin to deal with it, at first I thought he just happened to smirk at beautiful ladies and stare at them to make them uncomfortable but then I got wise and realized he ONLY does this to women...I have kindly explained to NO GIRLS ALLOWED!

...Teething, teething and more! I remember the first couple of months I dreaded teeth but ask me now I am ready for those bad boys. Izzy eats everything and if doesn't get it, he screams bloody murder...teething rings are not his cup of tea, he prefers fingers and me....*sigh* I think teeth are coming though, we see a raised bump in his gum, we are just trying to patienty wait.  
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March 1, 2013

What's new?

This has been a crazy year already and it just started, I mean it's only March 1st, which wierds me out just writing that. February was a VERY busy month for my family, it seemed like everything was non-stop...looking back I don't know how I had the energy that month, I mean it was busy.

So, what's new here?

The look, yes, I changed my looked a little, going for the long flowy locks but I'm talking about the blog here...for starters I got a complete face-lift  I needed it and I love the look it is SO me! The wonderful Marquis over at Clarke Creative designed it, isn't it amazing, be sure to check her out & I am {dot}com long very long URL!

We got our house inspected, nothing major...1 more month until we close! {fingers crossed}

Izzy had croup so we spent the NIGHT in the E.R., no fun at all!

Had my first House Party and had tons of fun!

Izzy had a lot of "first" this month...mastering blowing raspberries  drinking out a sippy cup,  wearing sneakers and going to a wedding!

We went to TONS of play dates, which I love!

I took selfies, a reason to get out my pajamas and look half human.

& I became a Scentsy Consultant, thanks to my fab blog twinsie Courtney @ Write on Court !!! Giveaway soon? I think so...if you need smell goods check out my website, we just got our Spring/Summer products!
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